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Body Painting

Body painting is a temporary art, being common in performances, movies, children’s birthdays and parties of different styles, mainly thematic (fantasy) and “Neon”.

Discover some styles and find out which one attracts you the most.



Daily Paintings

Showing brightness, colors and flashy features during the day, body paintings allow people to be seen in another way, enhancing subtleties and giving a touch of magic and personality.





UV Paintings

At night, it offers a spectacle aside: glow in the dark. The combination of good UV illumination, special inks and psychedelic strokes ensure eye-catching visuals!





Fantasy Makeups

Complete transformations are possible when it comes to body painting! Through it, fantasy leaves the paper and becomes an experience.




When we like art a lot, we want it to last forever … and that’s why tattooing exists!
The needle turns into a brush and the body into a large canvas.

Between the “just a little drawing” and the “make me a traveling comic”, feel free to imagine … and make it happen!



Simple Traits

Some people are apprehensive about tattooing, not knowing what it will feels like.
A good way to start is with simple features that gives your skin a new look.






Combining contrast, creativity and geometry, you can do a lot with only black ink.
Techniques such as pointillism, shading and boldline can compose the drawing, giving it more details.






For those who like color, brightness and personality, illustrations are a great way to give more life and movement to the body.




From restaurants to clubs, birthdays to festivals, the place of art is everywhere!

Check out some of the events I’ve attended and those I’ll be attending soon.

I hope to meet you in some of them! 🙂





Veo Veo

Santo Domingo, RD






Studio 12

Santiago, RD





Paulínia/SP, BR




Jagna Trance


Tietê/SP, BR




Alaye Ire


Rio Claro/SP, BR


Know a little more about my work.


Brazilian, have always been irresistibly attracted to art in general.
Graduated in Graphic Design in Argentina, but it was through body painting and tattoos that I found myself.

I like to carry art everywhere I go and, more than that, leave it imprinted in people’s bodies. I believe that we are in a constant process of change and that art allows us to understand better and feel the world in a different way, allowing us to show who we really are: ✶ Magical beings made of stars ✮



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